Welcome to the Women in Military Music communal journal site!

Many of you already know me, but for those of you who don’t, I spent 11 of my formative adult years in the U.S. Navy as a flute/piccolo/saxophone instrumentalist from 2001-2012. I had the privilege of working in some amazing (and not so amazing) places with some amazing (and not so amazing) people. Throughout that time many life events shaped my feelings about what it meant for me to be a musician in the military during a time of war, a mom, a sailor, a friend, a white person, and any other identity one can think of that I might attribute to myself. In short, I am a deep thinker about the ways in which my projected and actual identity interacts with the people in my life.

Taking that into account, I do not approach the construction of this site as a project for or by ME. This project (labor of love, really) was imagined to perform dual roles. First, while it is true that this began as a final project for a class in Women and Music (at Brown University where I am a graduating senior in urban Studies), I intend for this site to continue on indefinitely. Second, this site is meant to acknowledge the contributions that women bring to military music that can easily be glossed over with language about non-gendered roles within the military. The idea that the U.S. military forces should reflect the diversity of the society which the force is defending without acknowledging the contributions of the people who fall into those diverse groups does nothing to actually promote diversity with in the ranks. We have the opportunity to change that and reinforce the positive work already being done on this front! See these works by Dr. Jill Sullivan.

Projects such as these come with the potential for participants to fear negative repercussions of their reflections. There is NO EXPECTATION that any of the participants here either use their real names or that your opinions will be criticized. Your thoughts are your own as are mine. If any or all of what I write is not something you personally agree with, that’s fine by me! In fact, the spirit of this site welcomes thoughts that are dissimilar.  All that I ask is that you remain true to yourself. That said, privacy is important in today’s fast-paced world. As caretaker of the site, I take it as my duty (and privilege) to treat your stories with whatever level of sensitivity you request. Please see the How to tell your story page for more information. 

I write all of this if only to say that we live(d) our experiences – good, bad, and sometimes ugly – with other people. My reflections will be honest and not always positive; but I will always aspire to the highest integrity, which is all I ask of the participants.