Each service has their own unique history when it comes to the inclusion/exclusion of women into/from military music, which makes this undertaking seem GINORMOUS. One of my personal goals for this site is to piece together the history of women in military music after women were granted permission to participate fully as members in gender desegregated units. (If you are interested in gender segregated bands as they existed mostly during WWII, please see these works by Dr. Jill Sullivan.) This is a tall order, especially since we are located all over the world! However, the internet allows for a unique way for us to approach this goal. This page will serve as our forum for history formation, since we can’t all be at the same coffee shop to reminisce about working with so-and-so who was the first woman to accomplish “X.” Post a comment and let’s see where the thread takes us! As things start to take shape, I will pull the information together under each service. Please take a minute to remind yourself of the expectations here of posting on the site before publishing a comment.

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